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24 Hour Recovery Towing

This is a picture of a 24 hour recovery towing.

When vehicles go wrong they tend to pick the worst possible time.  If you've got a family that means they grind to a halt when you're the only adult with small kids to take care of.  If you're running a business then, well actually if you're running a business there is no time for your vehicles to go wrong that isn't a disaster.   So it's good to know that Denton Tow Truck is a fully 24 hour service, every single day of the year.

When you call us you know that a friendly and knowledgeable operator will be there to take your call and a skilled tow technician will be dispatched to bring you back safely home or get your business rolling again like it should.

Full Wrecking Service

Denton Tow Truck offers a full wrecking service around the clock which means that no matter what the condition of your vehicle we can get it back home.

If you had the bad luck to run over a curb and take out the axle it might seem like a disaster but at least you know that we can get your vehicle safely back to the shop and have it seen to without any further fuss.

Help On The Way

24 hour recovery service means you never need worry about you or your family being stuck in a strange place with nobody on their way to your rescue.  Instead you've got one number to call and a skilled operator who will ask for some details about the situation, the nature of the problem and the exact location and will let you know just how long it will be before one of Denton Tow Truck's superheroes will be there to solve your problems and get you home.

Heavy Duty

Not only do we work day and night but we work hard and we work heavy.  Denton Tow Truck has the machine muscle and the professional people needed to recover the serious heavyweights.

We've been working with heavy duty vehicles for a long time and we know that when one goes off the road or breaks down there is serious money at stake.  We'll race to you to get your heavy duty business beasts back on the road and making money again as soon as humanly possible.

Buses, Recreational Vehicles

Standard tow truck operators can be trusted to perform a simple tow away of a broken down auto but when it comes to more unusual vehicles – cranes, buses, and motor homes you need the equipment and the expertise to take care of the situation, recover the vehicle, and do so without causing any further damage.

To be able to offer all of that around the click, twelve months of the year takes professional dedication.  Which is what we offer, and why you want to call Denton Tow Truck when your road turns out to be not as smooth as you'd like or hope.

Denton, TX