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About Us

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

Denton Tow Truck is the number one choice for vehicle recovery in the Denton, TX area.  Our experienced professional team is on hand every hour of the day and every day of the year to recover, wreck, tow, or winch out cars and trucks.  We have the know how and the right rigs to recover everything from a motorbike to the heavyweights including 18 wheelers, dumpsters, and heavy duty delivery or work vehicles.

We work to the highest professional standards and always prioritize safe and careful recovery of the vehicle so that no further damage is done and those wheels get turning as soon as possible. As a full roadside emergency assistance provider we are also the rescue experts for customers stuck by the side of the road without gas, staring at a flat tire, or standing by a non running or totally immobile vehicle. Call us and we'll be on our way to you, whatever time it is. How good does it feel to know that's the case for you or for your family members?

As specialists in heavy duty recovery, including a full rotator service to access vehicles that normal tow trucks can't get to, we have a truly outstanding skill set and our operators are some of the best in the business with the horse sense as well as the horsepower to get you and your vehicle out of trouble. Which is why so many companies in Denton rely on Denton Tow Truck to keep their businesses safely on the road.

Denton, TX