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Emergency Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

It's every motorist's nightmare situation. You're stuck by the side of the road with a broken down auto and no idea what to do next.  How good would it be to know that someone is on their way.

A friendly face with the knowledge and skills to get you on your way again.  Well that's your guarantee if you've got Denton Tow Truck's number saved to your cell phone. Just one call to us, night or day, and we'll have an operative on the way to you with what you need to get back on the road and safely back home.  For your sake, or for your family's take a note of our number now.

Blow Outs and Flat Tires

Tires have a limited life and wear and tear will ultimately chew up that rubber to the point where it just isn't strong enough to keep sharp objects and stones out, or keep air pressure in.  What happens next depends on the forces at play but whether it's a bang or a more gentle sinking feeling you're going to end up at the kerbside looking at a flat tire and trying to remember what a lug wrench looks like, how a jack works, and where on earth the spare is on this thing.

Even if you do know how to fix a tire there are going to be times when you really won't want to.  Like when it's raining.  Or you're in a neighborhood you don't like the look of much.  Or it's night.  Or you've got small kids in the back seat.  Or all of the above because hey, that's what happens.  So you should know that not only will our operatives turn up at your stranded vehicle with the tools for the job and a reassuring smile, but that if you check your insurance package you may find they pay for it anyway.  If you've got Denton Tow Truck saved to your cell then that flat tire in the middle of the night and the middle of nowhere means time to turn the music up and chill.  Help is on its way.

Out Of Gas

It would never happen to you.  That's what gas gauges are for right?  Until the day the gas gauge is the thing that doesn't work, or that highway gas station you were counting on is unexpectedly closed.  Or this car doesn't go half as far with the warning light as your usual auto.  Or. Or. Or. So it does happen.

Only if you're with Denton Tow Truck you can smile at your mistake and hit dial.  Even if you don't really know what kind of gas this thing you're in drinks you can bet we do. We'll have one of our drivers on their way to you with the gas you need to get you going.  Which is really good to know if you're on your own, at night, and you have absolutely zero intention of setting off for that long walk into unknown territory with the jerry can.

Minor Problems

There are a host of minor mechanical or electrical problems that can spring up and set off the warning lights on the dash.  Low lubricants, broken fan belts, stupid little things that can be fixed in a moment – if you know how.

And if we can't fix it....

Did we mention that we're a tow company?  So if our roadside assistance can't get you back on the road then we can still get you and your vehicle safely back home.

Denton, TX