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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing & rotator service.

Denton Tow Truck can tow pretty much anything you've got.  Cement trucks, dumpsters, 18 wheelers, buses and heavyweights of all shapes and sizes.  Towing heavy duty trucks isn't for amateurs.  It takes the right rigs but much more than that it takes serious understanding of how larger vehicles work and the best way of recovering them when they don't.

Heavy duty vehicles bring their own set of problems and require specialists to recover them without doing any further damage.  Which is why if you have a heavy duty vehicle, or a fleet, then you need to save the number of Denton Tow Truck

Jack Knifes

We count on truck and trailer combination to deliver so much to clients that it's hard to imagine one being disabled without physically wincing. But even in the hands of the best of drivers accidents do happen and when you've got an 18 wheeler jack knifed on the Interstate you need to know that specialist help is already on its way.  Which is where a 24 hour heavy duty recovery service comes into its own. Denton Tow Truck is that service, so make a note of our number now.

Rotator Service

When a vehicle is immobilized, or needs great care to extract it from the situation it's in, or it's inaccessible to normal tow trucks then you need a rotator service.

Rotators are heavy duty booms mounted on trucks,  able to turn through 360 degrees and pick up vehicles where other tow trucks simply cannot get to them.  It takes skill to operate a rotator and only the most hardcore heavy duty recovery operators operate them.  Denton Tow Truck is that operator.  We hope you never need the service of a rotator, but the day you do you'll be glad you saved our number.

Heavy Vehicles

If a sub-compact needs recovery anyone with a hook and a truck can take it away.  But when a laden concrete truck goes off the road and down a gradient you need help from experts piloting industrial-grade recovery engines.  Denton Tow Truck are those experts.

We know there are a lot of things that can go wrong when lifting heavily laden heavy goods vehicles and we know that there may be contracts, clients, or even entire businesses at stake.  Which is why we take such care to do it well. If you're running heavyweight vehicles then get in touch and talk to us about what we can do for you before you ever need to have anything done.  A little preparation can take away a lot of he pain on that day when things don't' go to plan.

Buses, Ambulances, Dumpsters

Public service vehicles get into trouble too. And they have a lot more people depending on getting them back into action as soon as possible.  Which is why you don't want to trust their recovery to amateurs or beginners.  You want to call the serious heavy duty towing specialists.

If you run a fleet, small or large, of vehicles you should call Denton Tow Truck and talk about what a recovery contract with us can do for you in terms of saving you time, money, and stress.

Denton, TX