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Light to Medium Towing

This is a picture of a light to medium towing.

If it's got wheels, and sometimes even if it doesn't anymore, Denton Tow Truck can tow it. We do the heaviest of heavy lifting and haul the biggest beasts that take to the road so we're in no doubt when it comes to light and medium towing jobs.

The trick to light and medium towing is that featherweights sometimes require a feather light touch and we have the brains as well as the brawn to ensure that we recover your vehicle as safely and as carefully as possible to make absolutely sure that whatever damage it has suffered, it didn't suffer it because of he recovery process.

Light Towing

Whether it's a breakdown, a fender bender, or a skid that leaves your auto off the highway and nose down in a ditch we can get you home and your vehicle to the repair shop.  We have a fleet of state of the art vehicles that can cope with everything from a sub-compact to an 18 wheeler big rig so we're able to recover anything you drive.

More than that we hand pick our staff and train them to be experts in the art of delicate recovery.  There's nothing worse than a tow company adding insult to injury by causing more damage in the recovery process.  So we don't.  Denton Tow Truck's operatives are skilled and experienced in easing vehicles out of sticky situations and recovering them as gently and as safely as humanly possible.

Medium Towing

You don't have to be in commercial haulage to find yourself driving a vehicle that strays out of the light category. Light trucks, large SUVs, and all sorts of recreational vehicles fall into the medium towing category which means you can't trust them to the light tow truck operators who have what is effectively a light truck with a hook on it.

But since we can take anything from a motorbike to an 18 wheeler in tow you can definitely trust Denton Tow Truck to manage your medium towing job.  Give us a call about what you drive, and we'll take care of it.

Flatbed Service

Sometimes you don't want your vehicle towed at all.  You want it transported but you don't want its wheels to so much as touch the ground.  We can do that - just like magic. Flatbed transportation with roll back means we can ease your vehicle onto a hydraulically tilted bed and load that onto the truck chassis so your vehicle can be transported to its destination without touching the road at all.

24 Hour Wrecking Service

Denton Tow Truck is a full 24/7 operation able to tow any time of night or day, every single day of the year.  We're also a full wrecking service for anything from light vehicles to heavy duty so we can recover your light or medium vehicle whatever condition it is in and from pretty much wherever it finds itself. So why call around finding if a tow company can meet your needs when you can just place one call to Denton Tow Truck and know that we are on our way?

Denton, TX