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Tow Truck Service

This is a picture of a tow truck service.

Denton Tow Truck is a full service tow company capable of dealing with pretty much everything that drives on the highway and more than a few vehicles that don't. If it can roll and be towed, if it can't actually move an inch, if it's too precious to be hooked up and pulled or too worthless to sit in your private parking lot one minute longer then call Denton Tow Truck service and let us bring our considerable skill and experience, plus the right tools for the job and literally make your problems go away.

Motorbike Towing

It's more than a motorbike to you.  It's a loved one.  A member of your tribe.  A two wheeled dream come true.  And now it needs a little help to get to the shop.  Or it's not running right now and you'd rather it went to the mechanical magician to be checked out before that beautiful engine turns over and the pistons rise and fall.  No problem.  We understand.

We can arrange flatbed removals so your bike is firmly strapped on and padded for the ride then whisk it away like the thoroughbred it is.  Talk to us about motorbike transport and let us reassure you that your bike will treated right.

Wrecking Service

If it's good to go it's good to tow and we'll have it rolling in minutes.  But sometimes it's not.  Even a mild fender bender can leave an auto with bent bodywork that rubs on moving parts, or damage to the axles and chassis that shouldn't really be relied on to take weight and roll on the road until it's been at least checked out and probably repaired properly.  That's where you need a little more than a tow, you need a full wrecking service.

Our wreckers can take even immobile vehicles and get them home, or to the shop, whatever you prefer.  That's as true for mechanically damaged or unsound vehicles as it is for security immobilized vehicles; some of which are required to be transported to the dealership before the duplicate keys will be issued.  Whatever kind of towing or transporting you need Denton Tow Truck has the know how and the machinery.

Flatbed Service

Traditional towing only works when at least two wheels and their axle are ready to roll.  But sometimes (as with the wrecking service, above) that's not a given and sometimes you just don't want a vehicle towed because you'd rather it was transported without touching the road at all.  That could mean luxury vehicles or limousines, it could be classic cars, or it could be forklifts or Bobcats

that need moving from one site to another.  Whatever it is we have a full flatbed service including roll backs so we can actually tilt the bed to meet the vehicle ready to ease it gently into place.  At Denton Tow Truck we really take care of your vehicle, so you don't have to worry.

Unwanted Vehicle Tow Away

There are rules about what you can tow away but if that junked jalopy is parked on your private property give us a call and we can work through the right procedure to get it off your land.

Denton, TX