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Winch Outs & Roll Back Service

This is a picture of a winch outs & roll back service.

You're off the road.  There are plenty of reasons why – maybe you hit a slick, maybe you got a blowout, maybe you swerved to avoid wildlife or maybe that lunatic nearly forced you off the road.

Sorting out who or what was to blame is a problem that you can leave till later, what you need right now is to get your vehicle back on the blacktop, or safely loaded up for transport to someplace that can put it right.  You need Denton Tow Truck, because we can take care of that.

Simple Winch Outs

The classic winch out is when someone's off the road and stuck – maybe in mud, maybe in a roadside ditch.  It doesn't matter.

We have the horsepower and the horse sense you need to get your vehicle safely back on track.  We winch with care because we know half the job is avoiding making matters worse with damage caused during recovery.  Our aim is to smoothly inch your vehicle back to a drivable surface, inspect it to ensure everything is A OK, and wave you on your way.  Simple.  Only sometimes it isn't.....

Complex Winch Outs

Simple winch outs don't really require expert technicians.  But there are any number of factors that can mean a winch out is anything but simple.

If the vehicle is entangled with another vehicle, or a roadside barrier, or a tree then the priority in winching is to free it without damaging it.  Or if the vehicle involved is a specialist vehicle  for example. Or a laden goods vehicle that's now on an incline.  A specialist winch operator can calculate the forces at work and the force needed to counter them including the possibility of multiple winch points or pulleys to work a stranded vehicle around obstacles between it and the road.

Heavy Duty Winch Out

Denton Tow Truck is a full-service towing specialist capable of recovering the heaviest heavy duty vehicles on the road.  So if it's a refrigerated truck, a cement truck, or an 18 wheeler that's off the asphalt and in the scenery you'll need to call us to ensure that you have the expertise as well as the torque required to get your vehicle and with it your business safely back on the road.

Roll Back


Denton, TX